Q: What Does NewsSIP Package Means?

NewsSIP means Slickgain Income Program. It's the program through which Slickgain shares her revenue with validated and eligible members. NewsSIP Pack or package is a virtual product pack which user purchased in the form on application of becoming a validated members of which members also earns commission from.

Q: What Does NewsSIS Means?

NewsSIS is an acronym for Slickgain Income Sharing. As a participant, we share sponsorship commissions with you when you take part of Slickgain activities. NewsSIS comprises of active daily login commission + commenting & contributing commission + sharing sponsored post commission.

Q: Are Multiple Account Allowed?

No! Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Q: Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

Q: Can I Register More Than One Slickgain Account Using Similar Bank Account?

NO. It is not possible.

Q: What is Coupon Code How Can I Get One?

Coupon code or voucher is the payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to purchase from Slickgain Coupon code vendors and apply on registration page. Once its applied. To view all verified vendors click here

Q: How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed??

Members make payment by purchasing coupon code or by paying with their Atm cards on our Online Flutter Gateway.

Q: I Don't Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My Pay Through A Third Party Account?

It’s up to you, we will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your Account.

Q: Do i get paid for reading old news?

No, you only get paid for reading and commenting on news posted within the last 3 hours. So try to be online regularly.

Q: Do i get paid if the post i published is not featured?

No, you only get paid uf your post is featured on the home page of Slickgain. So make sure your post adds value to the website.

Q: Can I Update My Bank Account After Registration?

Yes. You can visit your dashboard and update your bank details in the account settings. An OTP will be sent to your email for verification.

Q: How Can I Refer People To Earn Affiliate Commission?

Once you have registered and activated your account, a unique referral link will automatically be generated on your dashboard. Copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Q: How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed??

There are 2 active payment methods 1.Online Payment Via flutterwave - This method is automatic, you are able to make payment with your Atm card and activation is instant. 2. Purchase a coupon code from a verified coupon Vendor.

Q: I Referred Someone And My Account Wasn't Credited With Referral Commission. Why?

This can happen if the person you introduced to Slickgain refuses to use your referral link. Your account won't be credited unless your prospect registers with your referral link, make payment and gets approved. Some persons like disregarding the link given to them by going directly to the site without the use of their sponsor's link. So, it's advisable to shorten and hide your referral link to avoid loosing referrals unnecessarily. To shorten and hide your link, you can use bit.ly. In some cases the user may change browsers or tabs before registration, that means your invite link will not be used. What you can do After you register any user, make sure they show up as "Pending" in your dashboard under "Affiliate Area >> Referrals". This means they have used your link to register, once they activate their accounts, you will earn the affiliate commision and the Referral status will change to "Active".

Q: What does it mean when my NewsSARS earnings has been limited?

This simply means that you have accumulated a good amount of money through reading and commenting and you have not cashed out yet. We take this measure to ensure that you dont accumulate what we cannot pay for the week, so we limit your eanings to only the daily login bonus. You can continue earning normally through NewsSARS after you cashout for the week.

Q: Why is my account not credited after sharing sponsored post?

This can happen for 2 reasons, 1. You have not updated your social media handles on your Slickgain profile, so we cant verify that you actually shared the Sponsored Post. 2. You shared an old sponsored post.

Q: Can Someone Outside Africa Join Slickgain Income?

We focus on Africa content and our very own local currencies here. Foreigners getting involved might be difficult in terms of paying in and out. Any foreigner who can be able to pay in by making purchase of our NewsSIP Pack and cash out in major African currency are welcome to Slickgain Community.