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magna / 03 May, 2020

Covid-19 conspiracy or punishment.

It is no news that planet earth has been hit by a pandemic which originated from a test laboratory in Wuhan, China and is way on full course to becoming one of the greatest of all time. Corona Virus or the Chinese virus as she is known is still without a vaccine or medication as at now and due to indiscipline and lackluster attitude from authorities and the common man has seen it spread. Hence, the need for a lock-down and putting a hiatus to vast sectors of every economy including sports, entertainment and a whole lot more.

Don't get me wrong, it definitely would sound disrespectful to talk about football in a time like these where life is only what matters.

But a look at the future or fate of the European football season in instances where there is basically little or nothing to talk about in the football world might not be a bad idea after all.

With contracts of some players running out on the 30th of June (the normal European football calendar), the league not resuming in any foreseeable future, the pay cut experienced by staffs and players, the transfer window interval, amongst others leaving numerous questions unanswered.


There have been calls from several quarters that the entirety of the league season be rendered void, but I would strongly kick against it, as in my opinion would raise eyebrows and leave even bigger questions begging for answers.

The fate of who gets relegated, who gets European place qualifications and crowned champion are my reasons, as some would feel cheated for the efforts put in.
O Football, how cruel can you get? Liverpool having waited 30 years and are 2 wins away from being crowned champions could see them having to go all over again.
Rounding up the leagues when a number of positions are not yet guaranteed would be a no-brainer to the affected fractions who would feel robbed.

In this entire dilemma, a compromise still has to be reached or agreed upon. I would push for playing the waiting game. Even it has to take till the start of the resumption of a new regular season (August) the current season should be completed.

Boot camps like the world cup, playing behind closed doors, Singling all cup legged fixtures are strategies that can be adopted. With the football governing body sitting in no distance time to thrash out these issues my unbiased opinion of continuation is still not without an hitch, as contact situations would have to be addressed.

 COVID-19, corona virus or the Chinese virus whatever name you like to call it  what a clear confusion you have left for the football world and the world in general.


  1. that is great news.

    wow, very believable.

    i believe china caused it.

    nice write up.

    mad oh.

    good one.

    it might be heavenly punishment.

    na wah oh.

    hmm. .


    i miss football.

    chinese virus.

    these corona v don mess up football i swer.

    release vaccine abeg.

    dis tin no wan stop?.

    okay oh.


    when football go resume.



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