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Do You Remember Matilda Asare? Check Out Some Photos Of Her
GhanaNewsLiteMay 2, 2021

Matilda Asare is an actress, movie producer and an exciting entertainer from Ghana. She has mostly appeared in Kumawood movies in Ghana. She is extremely persuasive and has proven that in the various films she has presented. Matilda has featured a number of movie stars including Agya Koo, Vivian Jill Lawrence, Kwadwo Nkansah (Lilwin) and others.

Matilda started her movie career at the age of 15 and has entertained Ghanaians and her fans with an outstanding talent for acting. As I mentioned, she began her career with some of our famous people these days. Those who have watched some popular Kumawood movies like ' Saman Ba' will agree with me that, Matilda' s name cannot be hidden if we must mention a few legendary Kumawood actors and actresses these days. Due to her passion for acting, she has won several awards, including Actress of the Year and many more.

Matilda has been Kumawood' s top celebrity on social media these days. This is because of how she has gained huge buttocks and curvaceous body hips. Matilda always posts lovely photos of her newly acquired body shape and family on her social media pages to impress her fans and also to motivate them.

Some of her social media followers suggested on one of her posts that, They haven' t seen her in most of Kumawood' s new movies so she should call a press conference and reveal how she' s doing with her acting career. Some also commented that, Matilda should let her fans know if she has ended her film career because besides their movie titled ' YANTAH that she featured in 2021, She hasn' t been shown in Kumawood' s films these days.

Below are some adorable photos of Matilda that has gone viral on social media.

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