IMF praises Nana Addo for "breakthrough" performance in checking Covid-19


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Qwhekhu / 15 May, 2021

IMF praises Nana Addo for "breakthrough" performance in checking Covid-19.

The IMF described Ghana’s vaccine rollout as a “breakthrough”


- Ghana is currently racing to procure vaccines to resume its Covid-19 inoculation


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Ghana performed well in the management of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the country.


A group of workers and researchers of the IMF have been in Ghana for some time to investigate the country’s response to the Pandemic. In their final report to the Bretton Wood Institution, it turns out Ghana outperformed many other African countries including Nigeria.



“Ghana has managed very effectively the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, and thus succeeded in protecting lives. Almost 93,000 cases have been confirmed, and unfortunately 780 people have died as of today. The launch of mass vaccine rollout has been a breakthrough, with the administration of approximatively a million doses as of end-May,” it stated.


12-hour long of 7 days dumsor schedule to start tomorrow May 10

Total active cases of the Coronavirus Pandemic has reduced from over 1000 in January to 100 in May.


The IMF has also praised Ghana’s Covid alleviation program which has relieved the hardships of many Ghanaians through free water and electricity initiatives not forgetting home-support loans for families and businesses.


Even as these praises come, President Akufo-Addo is leading negotiations for Ghana to secure additional vaccines to resume its National inoculation program against the virus.


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IMF praises Nana Addo for "breakthrough" performance in checking Covid-19

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