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Mensah122 / 28 May, 2021

Focus on agriculture .

In terms of technology, China has truly seized the lead. Without a question, China manufactures the majority of the world's machines, phones, toys, and other machinery. Given their current gadget developed for their firefighters, it's possible that the Republic of China truly wants to be the ultimate rulers in the realm of technology.




The bulk of buildings in a developed country like China are skyscrapers. We can all agree that lives and property may have been lost if firefighters hadn't arrived at the top in time to put out the fire. China has developed a high-energy drone that, like a helicopter, can transport big volumes of water to any altitude.




This is a significant step forward for the Chinese people, and it should be emulated by other countries in the future.




African countries needs to focus on technology and Agriculture because it is the only way to develop. There are more talented young men who have demonstrated their capabilities so far as technology is concern. Let's support them to grow


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