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Paajnr007 / 14 June, 2021

Planet Protectors .

The 144,000 Warriors of Light πŸ€΄πŸ‘Έ pt5 Scriptures that are in reference to God's weapons and about his vengeance. Isaiah 66:14 When you see these things your heart will rejoice.Vigorous health will be yours.Everyone will see the good hand of the Lord on His people - and his anger against his enemies.See the Lord is coming with fire and his  swift chariots of destruction roar like a whirlwind.He will bring punishment with the fury of his anger and the flaming fire of his hot rebuke.The Lord will punish the world by fire,and by his sword and many will be killed by the Lord. Psalms 78:49 He loosed against them 

a band of destroying angels.Psalms 76:1-3 God is well known in Judah. His Name is great in Israel. Jerusalem is where he lives. Mount Zion is his Home.There he breaks the arrows of the enemy,the shields,and swords and weapons of his does. Psalms 149:6 Let the Praises of God be in thier mouths and a sharp sword βš”οΈin their handsπŸ—‘οΈπŸ” to execute vengeance on the nation's,and punishment on the people's to bind thier kings with shackles,and thier leaders with iron chainsπŸ”—β›“οΈto execute the judgment written against them.This is the glory of the faithful ones!! Praise the Lord!!πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ™

God is doing something very hidden,A HOLY REMNANT IS RISING it's very quiet but it's so awesome and supernatural. It's beyond human comprehension. In fact what the Lord is doing right now is going to affect the whole world,in these last days.Hes preparing a very small but Most Powerful Army of dedicated believers,far more dedicated than anybody who followed hitler.
Folks this army God is raising up is going to be the Most Dedicated Army on the face of the Earth!! Never before has anyone been as pure,devoted,or fearless as this remnant coming forth. They're going to come forth and do exploits, They're gonna shake hell literally!! This new army is going to be made up of handmade of the Lord. It's going to be made up of servants of the Lord and of ordinary believers who lay hold of God and God lays hold of them. A whole new realm of service. A whole new realm of the  moving in the Holy Spirit is about to break forth.

Much of God's plan that I want to share can be found in 1st Samuel. He's gonna raise up a Samuel company Hallelujah!! The Lord said to Samuel Behold I will do a thing in Israel at which both the ears of everyone that shall hear shall tingle.1st Samuel 3:11 It's talking about spiritual israel here!! It's gonna be a shocking thing that God does. It's THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD ON AN OLD RELIGIOUS SYSTEM,AND THE RAISING UP OF A WHOLE NEW PROGRAM WITH THE HOLY GHOST. That's what you see in 1st Samuel it's all about the death of old church religious system. And the birthing of a new Holy Remnant. This Remnant that is here now coming forth,it's gonna be beyond anything the world has ever seen

What he's doing right now he's training many of you. The remnant is always birthed in prayer and intercession. Your gonna be misunderstood on all sides. Your gonna feel the pain and grief of God for his church. Your gonna seek the Lord with all your heart.Your gonna suffer consequences, your gonna have people accuse you of all kinds of things.God is hearing the prayer of the people in His house!! Of a people who yearn for an outpouring of his righteousness!!πŸ‘ Of a people who yearn for an outpouring of Holy Spirit upon thier Sons and Daughters!!πŸ‘ A people who want to see the Glory of God come down upon His church!!πŸ‘ A people who want to see God move in a very special way in these last days. The Lord says I will stir thier heart and they will know me.They will know my voice.I will use you to glorify my Name.You will never have a name.But my name will be glorified through your your lips,and your heart. You will not be reckonized,but I will reckonized you because you were faithful to the call.

Like we been saying there is no evil in the kingdom it must all be extinguished first. So this war against the dragon must first take place in the hearts of humanity. How do you fight against earthly power? Earthly power has always been in opposition to the Father's power all the way back to nimrod building the tower of babel. In the kingdom of heaven there will be no head,there will be no government systems all the beast systems will be destroyed.Thats why they call it the Kingdom of God. Because the Father becomes the King!! Man will no longer be ruling over all humanity.
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