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Jayla / 14 June, 2021

Policeman shot in kole-bu.

A police officer has met his untimely death after armed men attacked a bullion van he was guarding at Korle-Bu and shot him in broad daylight.

Following the incident, YEN.com.gh has dug around to find photos and details of the deceased officer.

It's sad that a young man died in that manner, especially when he was serving mother Ghana. May he RIP.😭💔


  1. Ooh very sad .

    Oh this is dangerously serious  .

    Aww rest in peace  .

    Aww sooo sad .

    Ok ok ok .

    Very very sad .

    Okay OK thanks .

    Kk thanks for all  .

    Ok ok ok .

    Hmm soo sad .

    Hmm 🧐🤔 we need to be careful .

    Aww sad sad .

    This so sad. .

    R I p .

    That is sad .

    Thanks for the update  .

    Thanks for the update  .

    Okay j suwhs jbhbsha jbs sh .

    fgt ghy hju .

    Seen and noted .

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