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TbLion / 06 July, 2021

A woman wrongly jailed is set free.


Justice for All: 69-year-old woman wrongfully jailed for 11 years set free



Ama Forson, a food vendor, who was wrongfully jailed 11 years for possession of narcotics (Indian hemp) has now been served with justice.


She has been acquitted and discharged after she appealed against her conviction under the Justice For All Programme.

The 69-year-old, then 64, though denied the allegation was found guilty by the Circuit Court in Accra in 2016.


She is is a beneficiary of In Prison Paralegal Programme/Appeal of POS Foundation, which empowers inmates to file an appeal by themselves when their conviction or trial might have suffered a miscarriage of justice because of their inability to secure a good lawyer to cross-examine evidence adduced against them.


Ama Forson, at a short Programme at the Law Court Complex to share her story broke down in tears while sharing her story.

Chief Justice


Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah said the country’s justice delivery system has internal corrective mechanisms for persons whose conviction or trial might have suffered injustice.

However, it took those with the means to trigger the law, he said.


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