2 Killed, Officer Among 4 Injured In Idaho Mall Shooting


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Bluecap / 26 October, 2021

2 Killed, Officer Among 4 Injured In Idaho Mall Shooting.

Two people are killed and four others are injured after a gunman opened fire at a mall in Idaho.

In a press conference on Monday, Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee said they responded to reports of “shots fired” Monday afternoon at the Boise Town Square Mall around 1:50 local time. Lee said after arriving on scene, they engaged in a shootout with the suspect outside the mall, where the male shooter and one officer were shot in the exchange.

The officer has since been released from the hospital with minor injuries. The suspect was also taken to the hospital where he has been listed as in critical condition.

Police also asserted there was only one shooter involved. All 153 stores in the mall have since been cleared.

Officers are responding to a report of shots fired at the mall on N. Milwaukee. People are asked to avoid the area. More information will be available here as it is confirmed.

— Boise PD (@BoisePD) October 25, 2021


Meanwhile, the mayor addressed the public honoring those affected and thanking law enforcement for their quick response.

Police said they are in the process of notifying family members of the victims involved. They will also have the county task force investigating the officer involved in part of the shooting.

In the meantime, a motive for the shooting is still unclear. This remains an ongoing investigation.



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