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Bluecap / 09 November, 2021

Sen. Kaine: Democrats Blew Timing Of Infrastructure Bill.

Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine criticized his own party over the timing of the infrastructure and spending bills. During an interview on Sunday, Kaine said Democrats on Capitol Hill should have passed the two bills in October instead of letting internal party disagreements delay the vote.

This comes as the House passed the Democrats’ trillion-dollar infrastructure bill on Friday. The senator also claimed an earlier vote would have helped Democrat Terry McAuliffe win the state’s governor race.

“Democrats blew the timing and as you know Margaret, in politics timing is everything. We’ll get the bills done, but we’re gonna get them done weeks after the election. We should’ve had them done weeks before the election,” said Kaine in an interview.

“Bluntly, we blew it”@timkaine tells @margbrennan that Democrats botched timing on infrastructure vote before VA elections. 

“I'm not talking about progressives or moderates…Democrats have majorities in both houses, and the American public expects us to deliver.”

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) November 8, 2021


In the meantime, the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is now awaiting Joe Biden’s final approval. A decision was finalized after months of negotiations, drawn out by disagreements between members of the Democrat Party.


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